Power Storytelling
Power Storytelling

Learn How Small Startups Can Beat Big Brands With Power Stories

Tactics to make your message stick and your business grow.


What People Are Saying

“"Yes! How come I didn't think of that?!"

WIthin 5 minutes of looking at your website, emails, or sales pages, Dan understands what you're trying to say better than you do.

And within 10 minutes, he can write up 3 versions that all hit different emotions and pain points that your customers are feeling.

Dan just "gets it".”

Rob RosemanFounder, WTF Divorce

“Dan was the only coach I've worked with who fully understood who I am after reading only a couple of my articles. He didn't just read behind the lines; Dan read my soul and, to be honest, I'm still trying to figure out how he did it.

Dan slowed me down and reminded that what I was looking for (and what my people are looking for in me) was inside me rather than somewhere out there - in the next book, course, teacher, experience.

He really helped me see who I am, saw the value in who I am, encouraged me to be who I am because this is the only way for me to help my people to be who they are. ”

Angelos GeorgakisExecutive Coach to Biotech leaders

“It's impossible for me to overstate how helpful Dan has been to me as I build on my copywriting skills.

His feedback was always respectful and constructive, and he just as patiently and helpfully responded to all my follow up questions.

In particular, he has a deep understanding of how to clarify clients' needs and messaging so the performance of a website can improve and a company's sales potential is increased. ”

Zena RyderFounder at Boudica Writing