The Relevancy Matrix

How to use timing and topics to hook your audience now (and win long term)

It’s kinda like magic.

Something wild happens on a Friday….and by the following Wednesday, you’ll see a South Park episode dedicated to that topic. 

(They’ve been doing this for 26 seasons).

That’s the secret to their success. Sure, they’re funny and edgy….but the real power behind the cartoon is twofold: 

#1: They’re quick to react & create.

#2: They’re hyper-specific about the topics they latch onto. 

The result? 

An audience who immediately “gets it” and probably “loves it”. It’s timely and topical - which means it’s easy to understand and easy to engage with. 

In fact, you might even be talking about that “thing” with your friends….and then “continuing” the conversation with Stan, Kenny, and Cartman. 

The best brands in the world do the same thing. 

And the best small disruptors do it even better. Remember, neither of these two factors needs a big budget.

For example, Convertkit was the little guy in the email world for several years. 

They had their finger on the pulse of the email world in general and they knew their target audience used Mailchimp, Drip, and a few other services. 

Every time one of these bigger companies did something dumb, guess what?

Within 24 hrs, Nathan Barry (founder of Convertkit) would announce a hyper-specific offer that played on the mistake in question. 

Total cost to do this: $0. 

A couple of takeaway Q’s: 

  • How closely are you tracking your target audience? Try making a weekly summary of the news in their world. 

  • How closely are you tracking your competitors? Try making a Who’s Doing What Where sheet.

  • How quickly can you deploy a special offer? With a little educated guessing, you can prep for this with “predictive pathways”.